Art Class Descriptions

Children's Art Classes

Worldbeat Dance & Art for Kids! $160/8 week session OR $20/class
Our Signature Class!
This is a special class designed to give children an opportunity to learn about Culture from around the world through Dance and Art! Whether this class is run as a Weekly Class, or as a Spring/Summer/Winter Camp, it is comprised of a Dance class, and an Art class featuring a different culture each time!
Runs as a 2 hour class weekly, in 8 week sessions. Comprised of a 1 hour dance class, and a 1 hour art class.
Spring/Summer/Winter Camps! $100/week OR $20/day
Run as a 2 hour class Monday - Friday, in 1 week blocks. Comprised of a 1 hour dance class, and a one hour art class, featuring a different culture each day!

The cultures we teach from for this course are as follows:
Egypt - Belly Dance
Hawaii - Hula
India - Bollywood
Cuba - Salsa
Spain - Flamenco
Africa - North African Dance
Tahiti - Tahitian Dance
Greece - Greek Line Dance
Italy - Italian Folk Dance
Turkey - Turkish Folk Dance
What to bring:
Water bottle
Wear old comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and can withstand some paint splotches.
Supplies included

Adult Art Classes

Worldbeat Dance & Art - For Adults!
Our Signature Class! Worldbeat Dance & Art explores a different culture each class through dance & art. Learn dance technique from Egypt and then create an Egyptian art project. Or learn dance technique from Hawaii and then create a Hawaiian Craft...!
~ Belly Dance, Hula, Bollywood, Salsa, Flamenco, North African, Tahitian, Greek Line Dance, Italian Folk, Turkish Folk, and more ~

Beginner Acrylics
Have you been wanting to try painting for years, but haven;t been able to find the time or the bravery? Beginner Acrylics is the perfect class for you! Acrylics are one of the easiest mediums to work with, and the instructor will take you from the very beginning, step by step, toward completing a piece of art, or maybe a few pieces of art!

Art & Wellness Workshops
Join us for a wide variety of art & wellness workshops on Sunday afternoons.
Fall 2018 Schedule

To be an Artist, is to believe in life.
~Henry Moore~