Art Biography

In my heart and soul I have been an artist my entire life, and plan to be so for the rest of my days...

Beginning with a the smell of oils when my Father would paint; growing into a love for drawing, calligraphy, painting and creating from the early years of childhood; evolving into a deep interest for Art throughout my school years and beyond; becoming a lifelong passion for all forms of Art, and a strong belief in their benefit in every aspect of life from philosophy to therapy to the everyday..

Without the beauty and inspiration of Art, what would life be...?

Paintings and glorious Murals, sculpture, Calligraphy, Poetry and the Written Word, Dance, Music, and so much more...

The Arts enrich our lives in ways we do not even realize...

It is because of this belief and passion that I create all types of Art, for myself and for others., for beauty, for therapy and most importantly for joy!

From an early age Tascheleia enjoyed the arts. Throughout school she partook in any and all extracurricular activities that involved the arts, developing a talent early on for not only dance, but also sketching, painting, and calligraphy. This talent was noticed by her family as well, and her Grandfather built her very first easel as a gift for her when she was a teen; an easel she uses and cherishes to this day!

Over the years Tascheleia has taken course in art history, sketching, oils, and acrylics. She studied Calligraphy from early in childhood which has led to lots of interesting projects over the years. As a young adult Tascheleia ran her own mural business for a time, continuing to paint murals for others and in her own home over the years. She has also really enjoyed working with pencil, ink, and charcoal, finding them to be versatile mediums. When it comes to painting, which is by far her favourite artistic activity next to dance, oils & acrylics are her most loved mediums. Tascheleia has also done a variety of writing projects over the years, and enjoys dabbling in photography.

Currently Tascheleia has been working on a series of paintings of dancers from different cultures!

Tascheleia is one of the 15 selected feature artists for the Breastfeeding Art Expo. A 4 year project organized by Interior Health and Kelowna Community Resources, to bring more awareness and education to breastfeeding through the arts!

"I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream..."

~Vincent Van Gogh~