Art Class Descriptions

DANCE & ART CLASSES with Tascheleia Marangoni

Pre-registration is required for all Dance & Art Classes

Visionboarding for the Soul

Create your own Vision Board for goal setting and/or spiritual growth in this workshop that guides you step by step through the process of making your very own Vision Board!

2 hour workshop

$40/person all supplies included

Painting Therapeutic Mandalas for Women

Begin this workshop with open sharing, which will lead into the process of creating a therapeutic mandala, culminating in further open sharing (optional). Gain insight and make new friends in this ever popular workshop!

2 hour workshop

$40/person all supplies included

Your Body as Art for Women

Experience your being through Art! Warm up and Dance through your body one part at a time, feel each part of your body & soul. Create a tracing of your person, then work through your body as art, one part at a time translating what you felt through your dance experience onto your tracing, through a variety of mediums. A wonderful artistic & healing experience full of insight!

3 hour workshop

$55/person all supplies included

Make your own Bohemian Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers have been a long time fascination, and recently they have entered mainstream art with many beautiful variations. Learn how to make your own beautiful bohemian dreamcatcher and take home your creation to accentuate your home!

2 hour workshop

$40/person all supplies included

Your Body as a Container

Envision your body & soul, your being, through a 3D container. You will have the opportunity to choose a container that you feel represents you; we will then paint, decorate, and fill this container with interesting objects that relate to your inner world and life experiences! This is a very rewarding artistic experience!

3 hour workshop

$55/person all supplies included

Beginner Acrylics for Adults

Join me every Monday evening from 6-8pm for Beginner Acrylics for Adults. This class is open to anyone, whether you are brand new to painting or want to refine your skill. I will be in my studio every week at this time willing to teach and mentor painters of all abilities.

Bring your own supplies

$30 per 2 hour class, or $250/10 weeks

Cultural Dance & Art for Adults or Children

Experience a culture through it's art & dance!

We will begin with a one hour art project related to the chose culture for that class/workshop.

Then we will use the art project we made learning basic technique and combinations from the related dance form!

2 hour workshop

$45/class all supplies included

*Option for Adults to add wine and cultural appies for an additional fee

3 hour workshop

$60/class everything included

Choose from the following:

-Hawaiian Hula, Hawaiian Lei

-Belly Dance, Egyptian Hipscarf

-Flamenco, Spanish Fan

-Bollywood, Indian Ankle Bells

-Salsa, Cuban Maraca

-Greek line dance, Coin Necklace

Private lessons in ART or DANCE are always available.

If there is a style of art or dance that you would like to learn, please contact me!

For more information or to Register:

Call: 778.215.7418



To be an Artist, is to believe in life.

~Henry Moore~