It's warmth lingers in the heart,

And it's single memory can comfort us for a lifetime,

Cast in a sea of love.


. . . How love and warmth can bind us there . . .

Little hugs.  Tiny cards.  Kindest words.  Memories.

It never really leaves the subconscious mind,

And it creeps into the conscious like a familiar scent,

Cast on the wind from some time past.


. . . Leaving you to wonder why it makes you smile so . . .

Is it lavender? Is it fresh linen? Is it beef stew? Is it home?

In times of stress or sadness, home is comfort.

It soothes your mind, hugs your heart,

And breathes life into the soul once again.


. . . And where your mind lingers . . .

In times of great joy, home is where you want to be.

The older we get, and the further we are from home,

The more time we seem to spend there... at least in our minds.

We become nostalgic for home and the circle is complete.

Such strength, love & home create for us all.

In the dead of winter, I feel its crispness;

I feel its cold fingers pulling me back to the lovely winter days of my childhood days,

Spent with you at your home, my home.

Popping corn.  Cozy blankets.  Dusty books.  Happiness.

Snow shoes.  Long walks.  Hot chocolate.  Home.

In the heat of summer, when I feel the blessing of a cool breeze,

And it's scent fills my heart with joy...

It sends me to you, it sends me home.

Homemade curtains.  Pooring sunshine.  Chirping birds.  Happiness.

Lavender.  Posies.  Fields aflower.  Home.


~ Tascheleia Marangoni ~

Reworked from an earlier version.

Dedicated to my Grandparents with deepest Love.