Sofya's Silly Safari

Sofya turned to the elephant long,

And said: please sing me a trunk-like song.

She looked at the giraffe so very tall,

And said: please toss me a roundish ball.

The leopard spotted Sofya first,

And leapt out of his spots with a sudden burst.

Sofya spied a zebra striped,

And with his scary snort, she yiped.

Then she heard a lion roar,

And through the jungle vines she toar.

Straight into a wild boar,

Who stuck her quick, and she did soar.

And then a snake slithered quietly by, 

But she was wise and it she spied.

A monkey swung and scooped her up,

He dropped her off and wished her luck! 

~ Tascheleia Marangoni ~