Ode to Spring

As I sit and gaze quietly out my breakfast window,

I feel such joy at the sight of Spring!

Begins a calm reflection on:

The melting snow, and drip drop of the icicles.

Soft, warm breezes, and all they will bring...

Long has it been since I have seen my yard.

Previously a vast, white void.

A scene of beautiful Winter magic,

Yet one I tired of quickly.

To reflect on it's melt, a happy thought!

The happy return of an old lover, is Spring.

And joy be to that love and it's annual return.

With it comes an awakening of briefly deadened senses,

Numbness thawed, Sadness lifted.


I reminisce on days of my childhood...

Running through melting fields, a warm breeze against my face.

Rolling down grassy slopes, with muddy ends.

Trudging through piles of leaves left from the splendor of Fall.

The anticipation of Summer in the air...

Thoughts of sunny days, warm days,

Days of play and joy and frolic!

Days when life is living from beginning to end,

Not the hiding and time-biding of Winter's coldest days...

Which can often be many.


~ Tascheleia Marangoni ~